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Exploring the Principle Behind LED Lighting

What is the basis of the LED lighting? If you wish to grasp the principle of LED light-emitting, you must first understand LED as well as the structure of LED lights. Only then can you know the way LEDs emit light. Let’s look at the following! 1.What is LED? LED is an abbreviationof English light emitting diode. This means dime emitting light in Chinese. It is made up of compounds that contain gallium (Ga) asLearn More

Full Spectrum vs. Ordinary LEDs in Kenya

Let’s first understand what spectrum is. The spectrum is an LED light kenya band that has been divided by a dispersion apparatus (such as gratings and prisms) to create monochromatic light, and it is then arranged according to wavelength. And the spectrum of light Prior to the advent of artificial light, sunlight was not just light and energy for the earth but also had a significant impact on the physiology and psychology of human beings.Learn More

Exploring the Disadvantages of LED Lights

1.Heat dissipation The low resistance to heat of LEDs may cause issues with the lifespan of the wick. Light perception The spectrum of light that LEDs emit is among its major disadvantages. This is because it’s very harmful for vision. Human eyes are unable to see only a single color spectrum light source for a long duration, and LEDs also have poor quality of rendering. 3.Light decay The light of LEDs is severely effected. MostLearn More

Choosing Household LED Lights Wisely

Energy-saving lamps have withdrawn from the stage of history. Almost all household lights are LEDs. However, there are so many LED lamps on the market that it is difficult to distinguish the good from the bad. This short article teaches you how to choose high-quality LED lamps. LED lamps actually consist of three parts: driver, light source board, and heat sink. Let’s start with the driver. Normal household LED lights generally choose non-isolated drivers. ThisLearn More

LED Lights Demystified: Exploring Their Six Distinctive Traits

Energy Saving Features LED light source with high luminance efficiency Comparison of luminous efficiency: incandescent light efficiency is 10-15lm, tungsten halogen light efficiency is 12-24 lumens/watt, fluorescent light 50-90 lumens/watt, sodium light 90-140 lumen/watt, most of the power consumption becomes heat loss. LED light efficiency: It can emit 50-200 lumens/watt, and its light emission has good monochromaticity and narrow spectrum. It can directly emit colored visible light without filtering. 2.LED light source consumes less powerLearn More

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