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Does the selection of led strip lights in South Africa something that you cannot ignore-d in home decoration,

It’s a design element which enhances the ambience of a home. A beautiful home requires it to complement the makeup.

How do you choose the right LED strip lights for South Africa? Recommendations for light strip? How do you install a light strip?

How much will an ounce of light strip cost? And how do I install it?

These questions are all questions that pop up in your head when choosing the right light strip. This article may relieve your worries regarding the selection of lights.

To help you choose a suitable light strip we’ll look at the following dimensions: re-examined for you.

Hello, my name is Qing Qing Yulu, an entrepreneur in the lighting industry for ten years. My easy-to-understand words will hopefully aid you in selecting the right lighting.

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Why should we get light strips?

Let’s have a look at some pictures first. Through the pictures you can see the result of the lighting strip installation like?

Image 1: To illuminate the ceiling, a strip of light is placed all around the ceiling. Do you think the height of your living space is excessively high?

Figure 2 and 3 utilize lights to highlight the lines of decoration for homes and create a warm environment.

Are you interested in finding out what type of light strip used for these lights in the night? Don’t worry! I’ll talk to you slowly. . .

It’s not necessary to explain the functions of the lightstrips. You’ve already identified them. In reality there are two kinds:

Increase the atmosphere

Give a new meaning to lines!

  1. What are the common types of light strips on the market?
  2. Traditional light strip type – T5

Let me start by telling you about the products that date back to antiquated times.

It is possible that some of my friends not have seen them, but as an old light person, we’ve also seen the lighting products of the early days.

However, this does not mean that these products aren’t excellent, they’re just to keep up with the times.

Requirements are changed and discovered.

This particular T5 integrated LED light tube comes with several advantages. The light beam is more uniform when positioned in the light trough.

The dimension of the lamp is fixed and requires exact calculations. Additionally, the lamp joints are prone to shadows.

  1. Light strip of traditional design of T4 lamp tube

There’s nothing great to say about this kind of lamp. The reason for this is that previous lamps were very traditional and are no longer considered to be traditional lamps.

You can read my previous articles if you’re more interested in lamp strips.

This article explains traditional light sources in more in depth. The reason I have mentioned the T4 lamps is to inform everyone that there isn’t a kind of light strip! !

3.Now well-known light strips —-soft light strips

Flexible light strips can be divided into two types: high-voltage and low-voltage. This article will discuss the high-voltage light stripes, and then we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of high-voltage light strips and light strips with low voltage.

3.1 High voltage light strip

It is categorized mainly by the number of lamp beads. In the photo you see the lamp beads that are denser and some lamps are less dense.

This is reflect-ed in the cost. These strips are used mainly for indoor use.

3.2 Light strip of silicone

Light strips with no shadows are what we call them.

These light strips are mostly used outdoors and offer the protection of water.

Then, let’s take a look at what it looks.

Scenarios used:

Light strip connectors are needed for all lighting strips with high voltage.

How many specific light strip connectors will be needed?

You can talk to your electrician or decoration company on site and they will provide the list.

Strip light with low voltage that is specific main light for it that’s not

Low-voltage lighting strips 4.1

Voltage points: Low-voltage lights are divid-ed into 12V and 24V voltages. The voltage doesn’t have anything to directly affect the quality of the light strip.

The number of lamp beads is 60, 120, and 240. The more lamp beads, the more bright the lamp.

Power Rating: 6.8W/meter, 10W/meter.

Electronic ballasts are essential for lighting strips with low voltage.

The two most common kinds of ballasts include 24-volt and 12V. Nearly all of the widely utilized ones available are 12V.

4.2 Scenario Application low-voltage LED strip lights South Africa

4.2.1 Application of cabinet

The cabinet is powered by 6.8W-15W low-voltage 12V light strips, directly using strip lights that are bare and acrylic masks and aluminum.

Light strip: 6.8W-15w 12V

Color temperature: 3000K

Aluminum slot: 1.6*1.6cm

Note: Low-voltage lighting strips are bought with power supply. If the light strip has 12 volt, you must purchase a power supply that is 12V;

Separately, you can buy the aluminum trough.

but the trough of the aluminum trough must be greater than the length of the light strip

Otherwise, the light strip can’t be installed in the aluminum trough.

As an example, if the width of the strip Xiao Ming buys is 0.8cm for a lamp with a low voltage of 12V. With the belt, it is 6.8 Watts per meter and I purchased 10 meters.

The power supply should be 12V.

The power supply should be 100-120W.

The aluminum width you must purchase is 1.5CM.

4.2.2 Suspended ceilings are not suitable for use. ceiling

In the last two years, the most popular linear lighting system is made up of a trough made of aluminum with an acrylic mask and low-voltage LED light strip.

In order to make the reasoning more intuitive, let’s first look at the image.

Ceiling chandeliers are simple. It is a departure from the traditional ceiling (spotlight + light strip slot) method and employs a linear light source to solve the issue.

Lights with no main design, such as our track lights with magnetics, which is a very popular feature in the home decor this year.

Linear lights are one of the most importantled strip lights south africa in no-main lighting design.

Designers, I suggest this lamp model because its lines are gorgeous and elegant.

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