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First, European crystal chandeliers are a popular purchase in recent times.

The European crystal chandelier is probably an old one from a while ago and therefore it may need some cleaning up now.

One of them is how to remove the chandelier made of crystal?

The chandelier is composed of pendants. That is, the crystal ball makes up a significant portion. What is the best way to cleanse the crystal ball? This can be quite difficult!

It is more difficult to control a lamp if it has several crystal balls.

Everything must be taken down and cleaned before hanging the crystal ball. Online purchases are required for the tiny accessories that come with the original pendant. Simply go online and buy it!

It’s more difficult to hang each item at a time when returning after purchasing!

It is possible to solve the issue by purchasing a brand new one. It’s also more convenient.

These things are possible provided you have cash.

It’s fairly simple remove the cover, then rub the crystal ball onto it. The problem will be resolved.

This kind of thing can be quite complex. It is suggested to send us a picture so that we can give you a precise response.

Crystal chandelier repair

My neighbor’s European crystal chandeliers didn’t light up at all. It was actually just a bunch of glass balls. They claimed I bought it for more than 1,000 Yuan.

I asked if I could fix it, so I asked my neighbor to remove it and take a look.

The interior isn’t so attractive as the outside.

The LEDs are connected in the form of a series. A switch controls whether the LED or bulb both turn on. Additionally, there is an LED driver.

He tried each LED lamp bead with an adjustable power supply. Seven or eight did not work So he instructed him to change the lamp’s beads (the pins were already embroider by the seller as an offer, and then scratched in order to make them more bright).

The switch was removed and I examined it carefully. There was no indication that the switch was burned.

As it was a switch and I was first able to bypass the test, and then connected the circuit directly to the mains. I noticed that both the bulb and the LED can light up. It appears that only one switch is damaged.

So I disassembled the switch and it looked like this on the outside

There aren’t any evidence of burning in the room.

Using the tc2608, i looked up the Datasheet on the Internet and also the standard circuit as follows:

I connected it to 220v for testing, but there was no sound, as when I tested it online. Therefore, I tested the relay offline using 12v power and found that it can be closed. It seems that the relay is not broken.

We can determine that the DC circuit can be test by adding 12v DC and bypassing the c1 relay. We inserted power between C1 and the bridge and the relay might be shut. There is a possibility that c1 could be damaged.

Online testing revealed that the bridge’s capacity was incorrect.

It didn’t work in the absence of internet access.

The capacitance range is same for both multimeters.

I put it in place using one I found in my parts box. It was small and I was not sure how it would fit into my.

Then connect it to 220v and then test it. It’s discovered that the relay could be shut. When it is reconnected the lamp is fixed.

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