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Choose big brands. Quality power sockets are available from J&S Lighting, Niu Niu Bada, Junlang as well as other brands.

It’s difficult to discern by its look if it’s an engineering plug.

The quality of the socket is contingent on the thickness of the internal contact copper.

This is the deconstructed internal structure of the socket, which is made from high-quality, copper post terminals, and thickened contact copper sheets.

Above is the inside structure of a socket made of high-quality, which is mad-e of high-quality materials that have been thinning.

Below is an internal layout of the socket of a poor quality.

The copper sheet is very thin. Too much space at the point of contact can cause heat and fire.

It can also easily cause the socket to be unable to be pull-ed out. The terminal is made up of two copper sheets and a screw.

Thus, it is advised to choose sockets from big brands and visit physical stores to buy them.

Online shopping may not be authentic.

Many brands have introduced physical store versions and E-commerce versions at the same in order to keep up with the demands of the times.

The ecommerce version is a castrated version, and there’s a clear difference in the quality of the power socket.

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