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Surface-mounted Downlights are available in a variety of varieties, including ceiling-type and rail-type lights.

What is the best way to select a downlight?

The quality of the downlight mainly is a reflection of the quality of the source of light, power supply stability, lamp shell quality and the ability to dissipate heat, spot effect and more. The bright spot of light in the center is evident, and the transition from the center to the outer circle is normal.

It is important to base your selection of downlights upon factors such as style and the application, layout of the house or use, etc. Take a look at the sharing of downlight buying experience.

Distance from wall

Surface-mounted downlights typically are about 20-40cm from the wall and the space between multiple ones is 100-120 cm. Furthermore the angle of surface mounted downlights cannot be adjusted and they can be mounted without opening holes.

2.Lighting purposes

Single-head downlights mounted on surfaces can be utilized for background wall illumination and lighting auxiliary, and multi-head ones can be used to create accent lighting.

Background wall lighting and auxiliary lighting for hallways, entryways, balcony, living area and bedroom. Also, staircase and foyer

Living room main light, Main light for study

Indexes for color rendering recommendations

The index of color rendering indicates the restored color of an item. The higher the value of the color rendering index is, the more close the color of the object that has been restored is to the true color.

In general, Ra>85 is a color rendering index that can satisfy all requirements for conventional home lighting. The exact situation will be chosen based on the individual’s needs. .

Tips to prevent flashing

Glare, in general, can be separated into direct and indirect light.

Direct glare is further divided into disability glare and discomfort glare.

Disabling glare means an incidental light source that shines directly to the eyes, creating blurred vision.

Discomfort glare refers specifically to light sources that cause psychological discomfort to people. Installing many lamps in the room that have exposed lights can result in an easy psychological link to the entrance to the disabled.

Indirect glare refers specifically to reflections that result from objects being lit by a light source.

There are four major classes of anti-glare lamps: deep barrel anti-glare/large shading angle, honeycomb network anti-glare, and various colors of anti-glare shades.

Recommendations for downlight color temperatures for basic lighting

Living room Living room: Warm light and natural light are recommended. Natural light is suggested for the elderly room to meet the lighting requirements.

Restaurant: Warm light and natural light are recommended and the restaurant’s selection is based on family-friendly setting.

Kitchen: Natural lighting is able to meet the most basic requirements. White light is a great option if your preference is brighter.

Bedrooms: Warm lighting can help create a cozy environment that can aid in sleep.

It is important to note that the same colour temperature should be used within the same space to create an unified lighting effect. This will prevent eye discomfort.

6.Calculation of the wattage of a space

Here is a universal calculation formula for calculating the required wattage for the space is space area 3. In this case, the required total wattage for a 10m2 area is 10 times 3. This equals 30W. If you take the wattage from all of your lamps, it will be approximately 30W. That’s it. You can alter the amount within this range to make it brighter or darker.

Note: The most precise calculation method requires lighting design software to generate false color maps for illumination in order to be able to feel the effect of the lighting scene before it is even created.

You can also find some ideas for Blu-ray flashing and flashing in video.

The blue light wave peak is dependent on the color temperature. In general, reducing the temperature of the hue can help to reduce the. With the rise of the constant current drive power supply and video flashless, the technology has been made standard, so it is not necessary to stress about it.

These are some guidelines when you are buying. Then, I’ll provide you with some images online for your reference only.

surface mounted downlights can be utilized to boost the height of the floor without relying on ceilings. However, they don’t want to hinder the artistic lighting effect.

Surface-mounted downlights must meet higher standards. They must be slim, stylish and possess exceptional light quality.

We recommend J&S lighting LED ceiling downlights.Not only are they “thin”, they also have good looks, and good light quality. Highly recommended for home decoration!

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